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Guest Interview – Bart Chambers CEO extraordinaire of Sculpture by Teangi

I had the pleasure of interviewing Bart Chamber’s, CEO extraordinaire of Sculpture by Teangi.Image

Name: Bart Chambers (sometimes also known to others as El Barto, King Bart, Sir Bart – see the theme?)
Location: Blue Mountains, NSW
Job Title: CEO extraordinaire of Sculpture by Teangi
Age: Isn’t it rude to ask? I’m almost 12.

1. What is your favourite toy? or type of toy?

I love toys! To pick a fave would be be tough. In my younger years anything that squeaked or was soft had a mandatory short life. I couldn’t help but tear them up. Basically anything short of concrete was asking to be chewed. I didn’t ever chew anything that wasn’t mine though so it was all above board.  When I was going in for my first knee operation (I have had 3 all up) the vets I was going to at that time were not silly – they placed toys in buckets at nose level by the scales. That is when I first saw my toy ‘Banana’. We knew it was love straight away… as soon as his plastic eyes met mine. Banana is a yellow monkey that screams when you touch his bum (much like I do when the vet goes down there).
Banana used to come with me everywhere and I never ever put a mark on him. Since then I have been in love with ‘softies’. They all get a name and it only takes me a short time to learn their names. I do love, what we call in our household, an ‘afternoon chew’ – my fave of that comes in the form of a Hurley. It’s good for a little chew in the afternoon to relieve the tension that an important business-dog like me gets during the day.
2. Favourite past-times?
Well hello what dog (and any CEO for that matter) doesn’t love to sleep on the job?
If sleeping was in the Olympics I would be a gold medal winner for sure.
When I am not sleeping I like keeping an eye on my ‘chook sisters’. They are also known as the Bartlettes and are the ‘production assistants’ at Sculpture by Teangi. They keep me entertained and I love them to bits, even when they are whingey or having a little peck at my back. Workplace politics can be like that sometimes.
3. Do you celebrate your birthday? is you do…what do you do to celebrate?
I don’t know exactly when my birthday is. Mum and dad have made one up for me based on what they assume so I have a ‘day’. I always get presents – I love to open them with my teeth. I am very gentle and methodical about how I go about it and sometimes the wrapping paper is more fun that is what is inside. I always get some sort of cake or treat as well… always very much appreciated.
In my younger years I also used to get balloons. They would be hung up around the house just to tease me… I need to get them. Occasionally I was allowed to get one which basically involved me jumping up trying to bite it and it going higher into the air. I am not allowed those now due to my bad knees.
4. Do you have a girlfriend?
I have an internet relationship going at the moment. Her name is Gidget and we met through work.
She looks very similar to me so why wouldn’t I love her?
5. Do you like dressing up?
I LOVE to dress up. When mum gets the camera out I usually do a little dance with excitement. It’s a great way we have some fun together and bond. I am happy to don most outfits… I know it makes mum happy and also makes other people that see me in those pictures happy. That is what I was put on this earth to do – make people happy.
I have quite a repertoire of dress ups – we like DIY rather than purchasing items as it makes it more special and creative. We tend to focus around topical events and moments; examples of past dress ups are Halloween, holidays, the Tour De France….. anything that takes our fancy really.
6. When did your mum and dad adopt you? were you a rescue dog?
I was adopted yep – I am such a lucky boy. I was a puppy at the RSPCA when my dad found me and took me home. I was cowering in the corner and he couldn’t resist. I know how to ‘work it’.
I then met my mum when I was about 18 months of age. Mum and dad met at the place where they serve ‘happy juice’ over the counter. Mum was on holidays at the time and heard dad was working long hours and I was at home by myself. So mum started coming over when dad was out and walking me… that’s when mum and I fell in love. And then I got mum and dad to fall in love with each other too which has worked out great for me!
7. Tell us a little about what you do being the CEO of Teangi’s Metal Sculptures?
My main job description starts with pushing out a required amount of ‘zzzzzzzz’s’ per day. I am good at it and  I always make my quota.
Other than that, being a CEO, I don’t really do much as I just take credit for everyone else’s hard work. I crack the whip at mum to get the sculptures done and the Bartlettes are always on hand to nag as well.
I am generous with giving mum days off as long as it’s all about me when she does.
When I am pretending to work hard, with that serious furrowed brow look, I usually am just on the laptop so that noone can see the screen – then I am just on facebook all day chatting and sharing my silly sense of humour. But don’t tell anyone.
8. Tell us what your mum does at Teangi’s Metal Sculptures?
Mum is a sculptor… she makes steel sculptures of animals. Well that is how it started. Since she loves me so much she knew there was a need to have sculptures out there that were a likeness of loved pets. So that is what she does most of the time – she studies, designs and makes sculptures of people’s dogs and cats (or any animal). I get jealous a little sometimes at all the attention they get and I certainly refuse to make any eye contact with any sculpture that is made.
I too have been ‘im-metal-ised’ and have my own Bart sculpture in the lounge room keeping a watch over me. Mum uses my metal likeness to take to doggie events to show what her work is like… so I am an in the flesh model, but also a metal model!Mum also now does calligrams which are basically a picture made from words. She uses the pet owner’s words to make a likeness of the pet and also portray meaningful things about them via the words. I have my own calligram which also goes on tour with mum – it is made up of my many, many nicknames!

9. Do you have a message for other Pooch’s out there on anything you would like to share?
I am a rescue puppy and have been lucky  to have a great life with my pack. I would love it if everyone could bark about how import it is to rescue pooch’s that need loving homes. I hate to think of where I would be (or wouldn’t be) if it wasn’t for my family so please consider taking on a rescue fur-kid or adding to your pack. The love we give is really so worth it.
10. Do you like having baths?
I am a lucky boy like that – I don’t smell nor am I attracted to dirt, digging or any of those past times. So for me bath time only comes about once or twice a year and usually involves a really hot day and a hose so it’s more of a game than a bath.
11. Do you have a fear of anything?
Funnily enough I have a fear of all things laundry related! I have always hated the laundry basket and I really don’t like clothes airers, especially when they don’t have clothes on them. I am not a fan of the ironing board either. They are unexplained hates… no reason to hate them unless it was in my previous life. I just steer clear of them now.
12. Tell us what a perfect day for Bart is?

A perfect day for Bart is hearing my dad’s alarm go off… this makes me get up off my bed and assume the position. The position is that at the end of the bed so dad can lift me up for my ‘mumma cuddles’ while he gets ready to go to the big smoke to work. Mum and I then have cuddles until it is a more acceptable time for getting up. Mum says my bladder is made from cast iron but not sure why as it isn’t that heavy, in any case I can hold on for a huge amount of time if sleeping and cuddles are involved.
The ideal then would be that once mumma cuddles are done dad would come home so we can all have the day together but usually he is home a lot later than I would like.
So in the meantime I hang out with mum. She calls me her shadow so basically what she is up to is what I want to be up to. We spend time with the Bartlettes and I usually have some sunbaking to do.
I don’t ask for much really, remember I am a rescue dog, a perfect day for me is to have pack members that love me, some yummy food to eat, somewhere warm to sleep and lots and lots and lots and lots of cuddles. Everyday is really a perfect day – I am a ‘glass half full’ kinda guy.



Bart’s Mum – Teangi Chambers



On 20th June, we had a very different Pampered Pooch Party. We had Channel 7 Today Tonight interview us, and take footage of what we do. We also had the lovely of Claire from Petography, come and take some professional photo’s of the party for us. We had Pepsi, Pepper, and 3 Pugs and a Blue Heeler celebrate Pepsi’s Birthday.  It was a wet and windy morning, but nevertheless we all had a great time, including the Pooch’s.



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Claire Garrett | Animal Lover | Pet Photographer
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Precious Companions

Pepsi and Pepper are so very close, even with the five year age gap.  They also have very different personalities.  Pepsi being older, is more calm, loving and very loyal. Pepper is a loving, cheeky, active sooky la-la.  I love my fur-kids to bits.

In the last few  weeks I have noticed Pepsi wanting to be more close to me, and watching my every move.  I truly know Pepsi & Pepper are picking up on how I am feeling at the moment.

You see, I have been dealing with some pretty upsetting news about my dad.  He was diagnosed with Leukemia, and he can’t have any medical treatment for it.  So, I am trying to be the strong one, supporting my Dad and Mum, but Pepsi & Pepper know the truth as they are with me all day, every day.  I am totally devastated about this news, but having Pepsi & Pepper with me, helps.

Pepsi & Pepper know when to give me that “look”, that says its ok. They know when to be close, and cuddle up at my feet or my lap, and just comfort me.

Does your Pooch know what your thinking and how you are feeling?………………..